Speak Up! and SJR34

Thank you to everyone who participated in Speak Up!, the Twitter bot that I developed to combat S.J.Res.34. Unfortunately, the bill was passed. Given that President Trump signs the bill, ISPs will soon be able to collect and sell your private internet history without your consent. There are still things that you can do to protect your privacy. For instance, you can use a VPN which encrypts your internet traffic and does not keep logs of what you do on the internet. Be wary, many VPN providers promise privacy but are all too willing to log and relinquish your internet history when asked. I use a VPN provider which has a good track record for keeping your information and internet adventures private. It is called Private Internet Access (or PIA for short). There are other good ones so shop around. Just be sure that the provider you choose does not keep logs. It should say so on their site.

For future reference, please check out Resist Bot. It allows you to fax your Senate and House representatives from your phone. When a bad bill is up for voting, an avalanche of communication of constituents is what can stop it. Let your reps know what you think!

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