Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BobEngine Tutorials are Here!

On Saturday I released the first two video tutorials for my 2D Android game engine called BobEngine! The tutorials can be found on my YouTube channel. BobEngine aims for simplicity, so if you're looking into Android game development and want an easy starting place, this might be for you!

The first tutorial starts with the very basics. Since BobEngine is made for use with Android Studio, you'll learn where to get Android Studio in the first tutorial. You will also learn where BobEngine can be found and how to download it and view the examples. There's a brief explanation of the examples, and then I show you how to start your own project and import BobEngine.

The second video picks up where the first left off. First, I explain the structure of a BobEngine game with a some visual aids. Then, using the project I started in the first tutorial, I show you how to implement the structure I talked about in code which leads to being able to output images to the screen. I talk about loading graphics, displaying them, and moving them around.

The next tutorial will focus on getting input from the touch screen. BobEngine has a lot of useful features for using touch screen input so I'm sure that tutorial will be very informative. Hopefully I can get it finished either this week or next week. My school work and part-time job keep me pretty busy, but I would like to release new tutorials at least every two weeks. I can't make any promises, but I'll try my best!

Future topics could include:
  • Sound effects and music
  • Gamepad input
  • Advanced graphics options
  • Advanced Room and BobView uses
  • Specific examples and use cases
  • Coverage of any features that I add in the future - BobEngine is an ongoing project!

To watch the tutorials, follow these links:
Tutorial 1: Introduction and Importing BobEngine
Tutorial 2: Outputting graphics

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you want see the next tutorials as soon as they come out!

If you want to see a specific topic covered in any of my tutorials go ahead leave a YouTube comment describing what you would like to see. If you have any other general suggestions for me, go ahead and leave those in the comments as well. I'll take every piece of advice into consideration! Lastly, if you like these tutorials don't forget to hit that like button under the video!

Until next time,
Ben Blaszczak
a.k.a. Bobby Lou Jo


  1. hey bobby. what happened to your youtube tutorial videos? I'm in the process of writing a game and they were super helpful. I went back to review them and they were gone :-(

    P.S. Awesome job on the engine!

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