Friday, January 2, 2015

BobEngine 2.0 Shishka update

A little while ago I released the first public version of my 2D game engine for Android called BobEngine 1.0 Thingama. I've been working on adding some new features that I felt were crucial to a simple but powerful engine. Following the theme of things that end in "bob" I have denoted this second version of BobEngine "Shishka".

This new version includes the following new features:

Camera methods

setCameraX/setCameraY - For changing the position of the camera.
setCameraZoom - For zooming the camera in and out.

Other camera methods and functions are also available for use with the ones above such as getters for the camera coordinates and zoom level as well as a method for changing the anchor point which will be the point that stays in place when changing the zoom level of the camera.

Unload and reload graphics whenever you need

BobEngine 2.0 Shishka provides load and unload methods for releasing graphics when they are not currently in use. This can be useful for applications such as displaying large maps one piece at a time.

New examples!

Along with the two from before, we now have:

bobEngineTest - Allows you to test the performance and features of BobEngine
cameraexample - Shows how to use the new camera functions!

More examples to come!

Android Studio

Since Eclipse is no longer the official IDE for developing Android applications, BobEngine has been migrated to Android Studio! The included Android Studio project contains the bobEngine library module that you will need to use BobEngine with your own projects as well as modules for each of the examples.

This update also includes some under-the-hood changes that improve performance and usability. For example, BobEngine will automatically down sample graphics when too many graphics have been loaded to fit in the memory. When this happens, you will receive a message in logcat. You should try to avoid this by optimizing your graphics, but it's better to down sample than to crash!

Where to get it?

BobEngine is free and open-source and can be found on GitHub at this URL:

BobEngine is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 (LGPL-2.1) which means you can use it for free both non-commercially and commercially.

Thanks for having a look at BobEngine! If you find it useful, be sure to tell your fellow programmers about it and follow me on Twitter so you don't miss any updates from me!

Benjamin Blaszczak
a.k.a. Bobby Lou Jo

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  1. I really liked your BobEngine. Wrote a simple game and I had a few questions.

    1. how to remove objects from the room?
    2. my game on different devices come with different speeds (slow on the tablet, the phone quickly) whether it has something to fix it?

    Thank you